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“Envisioned” is ‘to grasp the significance of what is 
conceived or imagined’. That is exactly what we aspire to do with every event– capture the vision of the client and bring it to life!


Envisioned Magazine uniquely makes Beauty and Luxury

accessible to the everyday client while showcasing

extraordinary professionals in the event industry.

Our mission is to promote, empower and connect. Promote

up and coming event professionals, empower them and our

readers to make their vision a reality and connect extraordinary businesses with extraordinary people.

From Designers to Planners, Photographers, Caterers,  Vendors, and Travel agents etc... Whether a bridal or maternity shoot… Envisioned Magazine is a digital publication BY the people, FOR the people! Whatever your event, we want to Envision it with you! As you turn each page, may you be inspired to make your dreams a reality!


Debra Taylor,
CEO/Chief Editor


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