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Debra Taylor



Mentee Reviews

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"Bosses connecting and supporting each other’s vision. This was 'supposed' to be a conference for wedding & event planners shaping their businesses, but let me tell you God was all up in this place. This is confirmation I chose the right conference to invest in myself. I have made so many connections with other women within the industry I feel charged to get things moving." 

~ Lori Hall


Debra Taylor was led to create this mentorship program when she noticed that, so many business owners wanted to build a successful business but lacked the knowledge and foundation of business building. She created an environment where people can grow, learn and ask the questions that most people won't answer. She believes that if you have a vision and a passion then success and wealth can be your portion.  Below is a list of some of the things that you will learn during the program along with guest speakers to help enhance your knowledge in business.






About the Program

  • Building your business in excellence

  • Developing a plan for your business

  • Learning key ways to market your business

  • Getting resources to take your business to the next level

  • Building a better You for business

  • What to post on Social Media

  • How to target your audience 

  • How to engage with your audience 

  • How to create the right Bio Intro 

  • All about your profile picture 

  • Page clean up

  • Using hashtags to gain an audience

  • How to grow your audience quickly

  • How to setup your automated message 

  • Contracts/Agreements/Consultation Form

  • How to manage your business 

  • Website building & corrections

  • One on One business building sessions

  • Pricing your services

  • Personal development in business