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Here's what our planners have to say about their Experience...
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"Bosses connecting and supporting each other’s vision. This was 'supposed' to be a conference for wedding & event planners shaping their businesses, but let me tell you God was all up in this place. This is confirmation I chose the right conference to invest in myself. I have made so many connections with other women within the industry I feel charged to get things moving." 

~ Lori Hall      

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"Folks, I must take a moment and share. The Premiere Planners Experience 2K18 was phenomenal. The knowledge, encouragement and about all authenticity of all attendees, speakers, the entire PPE team. Thank you Debra Taylor for placing some of the most astounding, positive business owners who I am honored to call Sista friends, and friendors; who continue today to pray for each other's success, help each other's business grow. Thank you for pushing me and my business to the next level" 

~ Dee Gill       

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"Hello Debra, You are one of the driving factors that has help put a fire under me. All the speakers from last year was awesome. I have been in business 13 years and although I do good business for events and other functions I found myself getting burnt out and not from the events with the clients but with the industry as well, because it can be vicious at times, but I love it and I am not ready to give up. I came to Premiere Planners Experience last year and I meet some wonderful people along with some fantastic speakers, not to mention Ms. Debra M. Taylor the host of the event. This conference lite a fire under me that sent me into a whirlwind, I started." 

 ~ Carolyn Jones   

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"In September, I attended another conference the Premiere Planner Experience. This time I stepped out on my own. Normally I wouldn't have made a move if I didn't know someone else that was attending. I realized that I would miss out on so much if I kept that attitude. I took a chance and I'm so glad I did. I found my people. I spent the weekend networking with BOSS women that were doing what I want to do, offering up advice and helping each other grow in their business. I don;t know who it was that said women don't get a long, but they have obviously never been to the PPE Conference. I am a firm believer that God make you uncomfortable so that you'll move and grow and he's got me on the move. At the conference, I brought a raffle ticket to win a t-shirt and ended up winning a mentorship with Debra M, Taylor. She is a Boss Lady that just oozes awesomeness. I am super excited. PPE 2020 will be held in ATL Sept 25-27, 2020. If there are any event planners out there, you won't want to miss it." 

 ~ Nickki Harris   

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